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Anyone who donates $5 or more between now and midnight tonight (Sunday, Sept 10) to our campaign gets to participate in our Name-the-Fiancé Contest!


In The Chekhov Dreams, the “fiancé” is an important off-stage character who poses a formidable obstacle to the potential love interest between JEREMY, the male lead, and CHRISSY, a young actress for whom he is beginning to have strong feelings – and possibly vice versa.  We have tried the names “Frank” and “Carl,” but somehow these never took for some reason.  So I thought, why not ask you, our backers, to see what you come up with!


So who is this fiancé and what do we know about him?


We never see him on stage and he is never described physically, but you can perhaps draw a mental image of him by the few things we do know:


While perhaps “not the most exciting guy in the world,” he has the highest integrity and is extremely honest, and given CHRISSY's troubled upbringing with a cheating father, she respects that.  In explaining why she chose him, she says it's because she knows he will never lie.


Another clue about the fiancé comes in the form of a dream, in which CHRISSY reports falling into a deep abyss following an earthquake. The moment before the quake she was holding hands with her boyfriend, but the boyfriend apparently did not fall with her, nor was there any embrace or attempt on the boyfriend’s part to hold onto her more tightly.  It is also interesting to note that she apparently did not tell the boyfriend about this dream.


So.  What is this boyfriend’s name?


How the contest will work:


Once we receive your donation, you’ll be asked to submit your name to one of our team members for safekeeping.  I will announce the name that I pick later this fall, but I will pick the name purely on instinct as I will not have any knowledge of who sent which name.  So the winner will get to have bragging rights that he or she supplied the name of a key character in this play!

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