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Hall of Dreamers

To those who have donated to our cause with exceptional generosity ($25 or more), we in turn pay tribute to them on this page.  If your name appears here, please accept this inscription as a token of our appreciation and take a moment to bask in the bright light of our gratitude!

Donors appear in roughly the order they pledged.

And the dreamers are...

Chris Rogus
Jason Howard
CK Allen
Kathy Chetkovich
Matt Belge
Jane Courtney &Mac Brydon
Gabrielle Scerbo
Marjorie Johnson
Chris Miller
Elyse Mirto
Joey Pepin
Abbie Somma
Phillip Callen
Liz Amberly
Kelly Campbell
Lucy McMichael
Marielle R. Rousseau
Alanah Rafferty
Mike Shapiro
Vince & Paulina
Tom Todoroff
Mark Farnsworth
Tom Berdik
Ed & Dell Hipp
Diana Weishaar
Kate Avallone
Jay Dunigan
Dana Saffran
Merrie L. Davis
Scott Sickles
Kathleen Boddington
Robert Heffley
Giselle Muñoz
Tracy Newirth
Eddie Antar
Patricia Lawler Kenet
Elle Hipp Smith
Jane Trichter
Tiffan Borelli
Dee Dee Friedman
Hannah Smith
Jeri Silverman
Cliff Samara
Kimberley Windbiel
Laura Hussein
Anne Kanengeiser
Briani Carey
Molly Byrne
Gregory Gallagher
Brooke & George Stewart
Charlie Taney
Nancy Crosland
Cynthia Sam
Daniel Owen
Brayton Brown
Cory Crosland
Brodey & Molly Crosland
Brenda Logan
Greg Waller
Grace Angela Henry
Joseph Lavezzo
Joseph Franchini
Kimberly Reed
John Toon
Ramya Hipp
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