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About the Play

The Chekhov Dreams is a dark, romantic comedy involving death, loss, literature and suicide (we told you it was dark).  On the other hand it is also about love, hope, dreams and letting go of the past in order to move on.  To those acquainted with the works of Chekhov it will also be seen as a (very) loose adaptation of The Seagull.

The story centers on Jeremy, a melancholic writer who is coping with the death of his fiancee several years prior.  He does so by keeping his beloved, and their quick-witted bantering relationship, very much alive through his dreams.  His bedridden lifestyle, however, does not go down well with Eddie, his hyper social, partyholic brother.  After a heated showdown that ends with a brutally honest argument by Eddie (published in Best Mens Stage Monologues, 2013 by Smith & Kraus) Jeremy agrees to start getting out more and, on a lark, decides to sign up for an acting class.  (After all, what could be more harmless than tinkering with the emotional furnace of acting, right?!)

Immediately, Jeremy's dreary but relatively tranquil existence is thrown into turmoil.  To begin with, he's forced to rehearse a scene by Chekhov – the one writer he absolutely loathes – with a scene partner who, naturally, is a Chekhov zealot.  Arguments rage and sparks fly, which soon turn into a different kind of spark as the two scene partners peel back the layers of the text, and each other.  All of which begins to stir the jealousy of Jeremy's deceased but dangerously perceptive fiancee, who is just beginning to reveal her true powers.  By the end of Act I, we see that Jeremy must eventually make a decision that will have life-and-death consequences.  Literally.

To find out what happens in Act II, you'll have to come see the play when it opens at the Beckett Theatre this January!  


Thanks to all of our supporters out there who donated your hard earned dollars to make sure our dream came true!

Now, we have a new challenge.  To make our dream spectacular!  For those of you who missed our Indiegogo campaign or who want to be part of this exciting adventure, please consider making a tax deductible donation (click the Donate tab, below) and help us create a truly memorable event this winter.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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